Transit of Venus at Varsity Stadium Photo Gallery


On June 5, thousands gathered at Varsity Stadium to witness the last transit of Venus they would see in their lifetimes. Every visitor received a pair of free transit-viewing glasses and watched from the stands as the planet started moving across the face of the Sun at 6:04pm. Visitors also viewed the event through telescopes set up on the track and on the Jumbotron via live feeds from around the world–and from the university’s own 8″ refractor telescope. U of T astronomers, postdocs and grad students were on hand to answer questions. There were planetarium shows, a free public talk–even the performance of one act from Canadian playwright Maureen Hunter’s “The Transit of Venus.” The event was organized by the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics and many partners within the university, and surpassed everyone’s expectations. (All photographs Dunlap Institute unless otherwise noted.)