Request Star Finders

We would be happy to send you a complementary package of Dunlap Institute Star Finders. We ship once a month, so please allow ample time to receive your Star Finders. We only ship Star Finders to school and community groups: an organization name and institutional address must be provided. If you’re interested in obtaining an individual Star Finder, you are welcome to visit the Dunlap Institute in person, or come to one of our events. The Star Finders are available for free to any organization in Canada.

  • This address will be used to send a confirmation when your Star Finders are shipped, or to request clarification should it be needed. It will not be used for any other purpose.
  • The name of your school, community group, or other organization.
  • Please provide an address to which your Star Finders can be delivered during normal business hours. We currently only ship to Canadian addresses.
  • The phone number at the delivery address. This information is required by our courier service, and will not be used for any other purpose.
  • An optional cell phone number for the courier, in case they are unable to reach you at your main contact number.
  • If you are ordering Star Finders for use with students, please provide us with the grade level of your class. We use this information to help guide revisions to the star finder.
  • Please request only those that you will be able to use within the next year.
  • Any additional information we will need to be able to process your order or deliver your Star Finders.