Request Star Finders

We would be happy to send you a complementary package of Dunlap Institute Star Finders. We ship once a month, so please allow ample time to receive your Star Finders. We only ship Star Finders to school and community groups for use in education and public outreach. We do not ship to individuals or families at this time. If you’re interested in obtaining an individual Star Finder, you are welcome to visit the Dunlap Institute in person, or come to one of our events.

We also offer this order form in French. Nous proposons également ce bon de commande en français.

Unfortunately, for the duration of pandemic-related quarantines, we will be unable to ship Star Finders. Once work-from-home advisories are lifted, we will process all orders currently in hand but not yet shipped. At that time, we will also resume taking new orders. We apologize for the delay.